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Are you a Responsible Dog Owner?

Do your research. Think about which breed - Talk to us, we can advise on  all breeds/ non breeds, easy to maintain breeds, high maintenance breeds, Talk to us first at Dial a Dog Wash. Be prepared. Owning a dog is a long term commitment. 




Being a responsible dog owner


 If you are thinking

of rehoming a

rescued dog, talk

to the kennel staff

about the dogs they

have. At  most Rehoming centres you will be asked

about your home and

lifestyle, to help them

match you to your

ideal dog.

If you are going to buy a

pedigree dog, only go to

a reputable breeder.

Never buy from shops or

through newspaper adverts

where many breeds are

listed, as this could mean

that the puppy is from a

puppy farm. Make sure that

you see all paperwork when

you visit the puppy.

commitment and expense – dogs

can live for up to 15 years or more!

Costs to consider include: food, toys,

collar and lead, vet bills, insurance,

training classes – and that’s just to start


Dogs also need your time and

attention; some breeds will need much

more mental stimulation and exercise

than others or they may become


Having a pet dog can bring you a

lifetime of fun and happy memories.

Follow this advice and you’ll make a

great dog owner!

 As a dog owner, your main

responsibility is to provide

your dog with everything they

need in a caring and loving



Make sure your dog is not

left alone all day, as he may

get bored, bark loudly or

become destructive. If you

need to leave him alone for

a while, make sure

someone he knows is

able to call in on him.

• Your dog needs to

be safe and well

behaved with people

and other animals.

Ask for advice from

your vet or animal

welfare groups

such as ourselves about training classes

or books to help you raise a polite



Regular exercise is essential for your

dog’s health (and yours!). You must be

prepared to give your dog two walks

a day and spend time playing with him

as well.

• Your dog should have a balanced diet,

which is very easy to give him as most

dog foods are designed to supply the

health needs of most dogs.

Make sure he always has access to

fresh water, and give him chews and

toys to occupy him.

• Vet care is essential for your dog

for vaccinations.

flea treatments, grooming, I.D. Micro-chipping and

also checking their teeth, ears and nails

on a regular basis for any potential


 Neuter your dog

 benefits of neutering talk to your vet or

The Dogs Trust.

Neutering is the most responsible and

safest thing to do to prevent unwanted

pups being born – pups are quite a

handful and often difficult to find homes

for. Neutering also brings health, and in

some cases, behavioural benefits to your

dog. For further information about the

 Responsibilities to other people.

 By law you must keep your dog under

control at all times and prevent him from

being a nuisance to others.

• It is an offence to let your dog foul in a

public place and not clear it up - always

carry a poop-scoop or plastic bag so that

you can clean up after

your dog.


General enquiries and bookings Direct contacts for groomers:

Diane + Sam - 07590 813927 or 07896 938672

Jamie - 07840 371014, Tasha - 07739 705696


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